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Polar Bear essential oil and inhalant stick 8 ml

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Polar Bear essential oil and inhalant stick 8 ml
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8 ml
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The most ancient mixture of essential oils used in Europe

Polar Bear essential oil mixture is popular in Hungary and all over Europe. It contains eucalypt, mentol, camphor and mint, that\'s why it is excellent for baths, inhalation, evaporation or saunas. By rubbing it into the skin Polar Bear oil has a refreshing and cooling effect and it is useful on insect bites and stings, and it is also an insect repellent. It can be used combined with acupressure treatments or massages, it helps regenerative processes by increasing and stimulating blood circulation. (Registered trademark roll number: 161 055)

Polar Bear inhalant stick has a pleasant mint-smell. Inhaling it through the nose, it helps to unblock the air-passages.


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