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Bone Master Coral Calcium + Chitosan Forte tablets

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Bone Master Coral Calcium + Chitosan Forte tablets
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1200 mg x 80 db
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The gift of the sea for the health of the bones

• With natural coral calcium of marine origin, for the advantageous absorption.
• With Vitamin D3 to support absorption
• With mineral materials and chitosan

Calcium is indispensable for the healthy functioning of our body. Researches have pointed out that, due to its structure, calcium extracted from sea corals is absorbed very efficiently in the human body. Calcium is necessary for the preservation of the normal structure of bones and teeth, the good functioning of nervous system and muscles, as well as to proper blood clotting processes. It also participates in the maintenance of proper cell functioning. It is useful in delaying osteoporosis in old age.

Chitosan is a natural extract of marine origin. In the course of their aging, bone cells lose a great amount of calcium and polysaccharides, that is, the density of bones is deteriorating. Due to its precious polysaccharide content, Chitosan complements the effect of calcium. Vitamin D3 regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Magnesium is necessary for the preservation of the normal structure of bones and teeth, it is involved in the processes of cell division, and it is essential for the maintenance of the body's calcium, potassium and sodium balance. Zinc contributes to the proper functioning of immune system. Eleuthero-ginseng root has been used in the Far East for thousands of years as a strengthening herb. It vitalizes the tired body, and by its effect of increasing blood flow it contributes to the absorption and utilization of the other active ingredients of the pill.

Suggested daily dosage: 1 tablet


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