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Ginkgo biloba and garlic capsules with chrome and selenium - 36 pcs

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 Ginkgo biloba and garlic capsules
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600 mg x 36 db
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Mental freshness, good memory

Mental freshness, good memory

Active agents of ginkgo contribute to normal functioning of the circulatory system, to proper blood circulation and may help maintaining mental viridity even during the ageing process. Active agents of garlic support maintaining the health of the circulatory system and the immune system. Due to polyohenols of green tea and anti-oxidant effect of vitamin E, these capsules protect agaist harmful free radicals. Yeast selene is an anti-oxidant, it has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune system and it is necessary for the proper functioning of thyroid gland hormones those contain iodine. As part of a healthy lifestyle, chromium may have a positive effect on metabolism of carbo-hydrates and fats. The contents contribute to mantanining a healthy circulatory system and immune system and also to maintaining the memory and mental viridity even during the ageing process.

Suggested daily dosage: 2 × 1 capsule

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