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Mallow capsule - 30pcs

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mallow te acapsule
Kiszerelési egység:
500 mg x 30 db
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Szennával és zöldteával a bélműködés megfelelő ritmusának fenntartásához

Mallow (Malva verticellata) is an effective and gentle slimming product. Its agents accelerate the metabolism, relieve constipation which is the cause of numerous illnesses and takes out a lot of energy from our system. Besides its detoxification effect, it has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect that helps fighting the distress caused by slimming. Its regular use helps reaching the optimal body weight.

Suggested daily dosage: tea – 1-2 cup
capsule – 1-2 capsule
The tea and the capsule can be also admministered together.

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    44.4 g/pcs