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FlavoLady capsules

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FlavoLady capsules
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415 mg x 40 db
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Nutritional for the female body

Flavonoids are vegetable agents. They are found in greater amounts in dark colored (black, blue, red) fruits and herbs. Rutin and isoflavonoids are importants members of the flavonoid group. Rutin help maintaining the health of the blood vessels. The structure of soy isoflavonoids is similar to the structure of some female hormones, they help maintaining the health and comfort of women during menopausa. Hop extract supports proper relaxation and restful, healthy sleep. Vitamin C is an important supporter of our immune system and it also has an antioxidant effect. Rosehip contains a large amount of vitamin C. The agents of the product support the maintenance of the health and comfort of women of every age. Ingredients of 1 capsule: hop extract, black-currant extract, blueberry extract, gelatin.

Suggested daily dosage: 2 × 1 capsule

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