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Cinnamon Forte capsule with ginger and chromium - 60pcs

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Cinnamon Forte capsule with ginger and chromium
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480 mg x 60 db
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for the normal blood glucose level and a healthy immune system

Cinnamon, ginger and chromium take part in preserving the normal glucose level. Ginger - similar to cinnamon - supports the health of the digestive and immune system. It contributes to the health of the respiratory system. Chromium helps maintain the healthy blood glucose level and it participates in the metabolism of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats).  

Ingredients: cinnamon extract, ginger extract, chromium picolinate filled in hard gelatine capsules.


Dosage: 2 capsule daily, swallowed with lots of liquid. To maintain the normal blood glucose level pay attention to healthy eating habits!

Active ingredients (daily 1 capsule): Cinnamon extract: 500 mg (equivalent to 1500 mg herb), Ginger extract: 260 mg (equivalent to 1300 mg herb), Chromium: 110 µg (NRV 200%). NRV= Nutrient Reference Values.

License (OÉTI) Nr.: 13680/2013


Caution! Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage! Keep out of the reach of children! The food supplement does not substitute the balanced mixed diet and the healthy lifestyle!

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