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Valeriana MAX tablets

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Valeriana MAX tablets
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140 mg × 30 db
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+ Lemongrass + Magnesium + Vitamin B6

Food supplement containing herbs and vitamins
Balanced functioning of the nervous system


It contains herbs supporting the normal emotional state of mind and necessary vitamins for the proper functioning of the nervous system.


The Valerian contributes to overcoming the stressed life style, the calm and relaxing sleep.
The lemongrass and hops contribute to healthy sleep and support to maintain the normal nerve and state of mind balance.


The five flavored schizandra tart fruit is very prized in China for everyday meals.
The magnesium, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6 all play a role in the balanced functioning of the nervous system, contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, as well as support to maintain the normal muscle function and normal mental functions.

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    57 g/pcs
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