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Astragalus extract capsule + Zinc + Vitamin C

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Astragalus extract capsule + Zinc + Vitamin C
Kiszerelési egység:
470 mg × 60 db
Discount: 6.926.92
Begin: 22/02/2018   End: 31/03/2018
Bonus point : 0.38 €
A sejtek védelméhez, az immunrendszer támogatásához

Zinc plays a role in cell division, supports the immune system, protects cells against oxidative stress, contributes to maintain the normal mental function.

The Astragalus extract promotes the natural defense of human body and helps the protection of cells against free radicals as antioxidant.

Vitamin C takes part in keeping up the normal state of immune and nervous system so as to protect cell against oxidative stress and reduce the tiredness and fatigue.

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    57 g/pc
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