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Pollengrape anty-allergy tea - 20pcs

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Pollengrape anty-allergy tea
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2,5 g x 20 filter
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For the pollen season

It is a tea mixture made of grape seed extract and special herbs. Oligometric proanthocyanidin (or OPC) is the agent of grape seed extract, and its anti-oxidant effect is even stronger than vitamin E or vitamin C. Thanks to its complex herb contents Pollengrape tea supports the immune system, strengthens and energizes the body. It also neutralizes harmful free radicals that mostly damage cell membrane. Healthy cell memrane is able to inhibit the disengagement of histamine that causes allergy.

Suggested daily dosage: For prevention 1-2 cups, in the pollen season 2-3 cups


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    102 g/pcs