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FlavoLady tea - 20pcs

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FlavoLady tea
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20 filter × 2,3 g
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Változó korban levő és menstruációs problémákkal küzdő hölgyek számára

According to the ancient recipe of Traditional Chinese Medicine compiled herbal tea, which is recommended for all women, but especially recommended to the menstrual problems and menopausal women.

The kudzu helps to cope with the changing onset unpleasant symptoms such as hot flushes, sweating, restlessness and irritability. The peony helps to maintain the health of women, normalizes the functioning of the nervous system. Cinnamon promotes healthy blood sugar maintenance and the health of digestive system. Licorice supports the adequate functioning of the digestive system. The saffron flower promotes emotional balance and relaxed status quo, ginger supports the preservation of digestive comfort, so that together – because of these two plants 'hot' nature - contribute to recover the outstanding internal tensions, tormented and restless during menstruation.

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