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1200 mg Vitamin C + Vitamin D3

Sklad: Skladom
1200 mg C-vitamin + D3-vitamin
Kiszerelési egység:
1154 mg × 105 pcs
Bonusový bod: 0,39 €
+ Zinc + Rosehips +Acerola

Sustained release tablet, constantly provides the human body with 1200mg Vitamin C tablet, which contributes to the immune system and nervous system normal working. Like an antioxidant supports the protection of cells against oxidative stress, reduces the fatigue, increases the absorption of iron. Supports the collagen formation, maintaining the normal level of bones, cartilages, skin, veins, teeth, and gingival.


The vitamin-D3 contributes to the immune system normal function, to the healthy bones and teeth. The zinc contributes to the immune system normal functioning, the protection of cells against oxidative stress, the normal conditions of bones, hair, skin, nail and maintaining intellectual functioning.

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    270 g/db