D3-MAX Liposzómás C-vitamin kapszula - 30db

d3 vitamin max
D3-MAX Liposzómás C-vitamin kapszula - 30db
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Vitamin D contributes to maintain the integrity of the bones and teeth, the absorption and utilization of calcium, phosphor; helps to maintain normal muscle function, the health of immune system, and also it contributes the maintenance of normal calcium level in the blood. 


It helps to reduce the risk of falling due to imbalance and muscle weakness. Over the age of 60 falls are a risk factor for fractures. Beneficial effect of the product can be achieved with a daily intake of 20 µg vitamin D. 

There are several risk factors of the disease, changing one of them may not result beneficial effects. 


The product is a combination of vitamin C, natural rosehips, acerola, grapeseed extract and lecithin produced by liposomal technology. 

Vitamin C plays a role of normal functioning of immune system, nervous system. It enhances the absorption of dietary iron, contributes to the formation of normal collagen, thus maintaining the normal condition of bones, teeth, blood vessels, skin and gums. 


with rosehip-, acerola-, grapeseed extract and lecithin
Main ingredients
Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Acerola extract, grapeseed extract