Lady SLIM 50+ capsule

Lady SLIM 50+ capsule
Lady SLIM 50+ capsule
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For the slenderness, for light legs during menopause


Peony helps to maintain women's health, relieve the symptoms pf menopause, normalizes the functioning of the nervous system. Kudzu root extract helps to cope with the unpleasanrt sypmtoms in the changing age, such as  heat-flashes, sweating, unrest, irritability. 

Prickly miracle berry supports the venous circulation in the legs, thus relieving the heavy-foot sensation. Capsaicin helps the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates, thus supporting the effectiveness of diet. 

Brown algae extract and bitter orange extract support weight loss. Licorice root supports the comfort of digestive system, and helps to maintain the balance of the digestive system.





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523 mg × 60 pcs
For changing leanness, light legs and healthy thyroid function
Main ingredients
peony root extract, Butcher's Broom extract, kudzu root extract, capsaicin extract, brown seaweed extract