Probikum 7 SENIOR kapszula

Probikum 7 SENIOR kapszula

Probikum 7 SENIOR kapszula

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Special formula for medical purposes, containing live flora, inulin, vitamins and trace elements

It is recommended for the damaged intestional flora e.g. taking antibiotics, gastric or intestional infections, consequently resulted diarrhea

The product contains 7 types of live flora, active bacteria, which are naturally present in the intestional flora. Vitamin B2 contributes to maintain the proper condition of the mucous membrane. Zinc and chromium are involved in the metabolism of the macro nutrients. 


Vitamin C, B1-; B2-; és B5-vitamins contribute to the appropriate energy producing processes. Selenium, Zinc, and folic acid contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system, chromium contribute to maintain bloodsugar level.


D3- and K1-vitamins are involved in maintaining bones. 


Vitamins, minerals in the capsula cover the recommended daily amount for an adult.  


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560 mg × 60 db
Élőflórát, inulint vitaminokat és nyomelemeket tartalmazó speciális – gyógyászati célra szánt – tápszer