SLIM POWER capsules-60pcs

SLIM POWER capsules-60pcs
SLIM POWER capsules-60pcs
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SLIM POWER capsule

Extra energy for active body shaping, support diet with guarana, ginseng, L-caritin and chromium

60 pieces

Net weight: 27 g


This product is recommended to supplement the weight loss diet combined with active regular exercise and sports. Ginseng and guarana promote alertness, help counteract fatigue. Garcinia cambogia and Indian nettle support weight control, helping to regulate fat metabolism. Guarana increases metabolism, supports the effectiveness of a weight-loss lifestyle. Chromium is involved in the normal metabolism of macronutrients and helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. Ginseng supports physical and mental capacity.

Kiszerelési egység
450 mg×60 pcs
Extra energy for active toning, to support dieting
Main ingredients
ginseng root extract, guarana extract, l-carnitine