Alga and Oenothera odorata oil capsule - 60pcs

Alga oil capsule
Alga and Oenothera odorata oil capsule - 60pcs
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To reach ideal body weight and to avoid the negative effects of monotonic diet, we should daily eat all types of food. It is especially important to complement our diet with sea food, which contain lots of important elements. However, these food supplements in many parts of the world, including Hungary, are difficult to obtain. Japanese scientists have developed this capsule made of algae and Oenothera odorata. Algae may hep in complementing the loss of proteins, amino acids and trace elements, caused by monotonic diet. The valuable gamma-linolenic acid content of Oenothera odorata oil contributes to the beauty and health of skin. (OÉTI) (Trademark reg. no. 166 750)

Kiszerelési egység
400 mg x 60 pcs
With natural multivitamine for the beautiful and healthy skin
Main ingredients
spirulina algae extract, linolenic acid