C-MAX liposomal Vitamine C

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C-MAX liposomal Vitamine C
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Vitamine C produced with liposomal technology is surrounded by a natural cell-membrane identical phospholipid layer. As a result, it resists digestives and can be absorbed and utilized in the cells efficiently. The product is a combination of rosehip, acerola, grapeseed-extract and lecithin with more efficient absorption. Rosehip contains natural vitamine C, it supports the antioxidant ability of the body and the immune system.  Grape seed extract also possesses antioxidant character, it supports the protection of the cells against the harmful effects of the free radicals. Fruits of acerola contain natural nutrients, inter alia vitamine C.

Vitamine C plays a role in the protection of the health of immune and nervous system. It enhances the absorption of iron, it contributes to the normal formation of collagen, so to the maintenance of the normal condition of bones, teeth, veins, skin and gums. Its intake is recommended in case of high physical or mental requisition, in case of a stressful lifestyle and for smokers. 

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1400 mg × 30 db
Liposomal technology
Main ingredients
Vitamin C, Acerola fruit extract, Rosehip extract, Grape seed extract