Garlic oil capsules with vitamin C

Garlic oil capsules with vitamin C
Garlic oil capsules with vitamin C
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Garlic (Allium sativum) is a well-known, ancient spice and herb. Its main active agent is allicin, a sulfur-laden substance which also provides the specific, strong savour to the herb. It is rich in vitamin B1, B6, C and K, and it also contains a great amount of selenium and potassium. Active agents of garlic support maintaining health of the circulatory system and the immune system. It has a significant role in maintaining normal cholesterol level. It may have a positive effect on blood fat level, blood cholesterol level and triglyceride level. It may also contribute to maintaining health of the respiratory system. Vitamin C is an important anti-oxidant substance, it helps in neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body. It supports the immune system and helps the absorption of iron in the intestinal tract. Vitamin C has a role in maintaining normal structure of blood vessels. The effect of these active agents add up and strengthen each other. Vitamin C is an exceptionally sensitive compound, garlic has a positive effect on this sensitivity, and in the same time vitamin C prevents the oxidation of oily garlic extract.

Suggested daily dosage: 2 × 1 capsule

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570 mg x 100+5 db
A good solution to strengthening the immun system
Main ingredients
Vitamin C, allicin