Hair Revall capsule - 40pcs

Hair Revall capsule
Hair Revall capsule - 40pcs
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The ingredients of Hair Revall capsule – sulfur-containing amino acids (methionine, cystine), zinc, vitamins B1 and B6, vitamin C, biotin and ginseng root extract – contribute to the preservation of healthy skin, beautiful hair and intact nail. A preparation with a high content of active material, it is ideal for the needs of the day. Biotin is involved in the body amino acid metabolism, vitamin C in the proper functioning of connective tissue, and vitamins B in the normal functioning of the nervous system. The sulfur-containing amino acids are components of the proteins making up the skin, and zinc contributes to the preservation of the healthy structure of skin. The unbalanced condition of your nervous system can be immediately seen in the condition of your hair and skin

Suggested daily dosage: Because of the MULTIPLE ACTIVE INGREDIENT CONTENT, daily 1 capsule is enough!

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500 mg x 40 pcs
Bright skin, elastic hair, strong nails
Main ingredients
Vitamin C, Vitamin B, zinc, ginseng root