Hair-Revall kapszula - 60db

Hair-Revall kapszula - 60db
Hair-Revall kapszula - 60db
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In our modern rushing world our nervous system, and as a result of it, our skin, is exposed to an array of challenges every single day. Angelica root helps to protect cells and tissues against free radicals, and contributes to the protection of the skin against UV radiation. 

Biotin and zinc help to the maintenance of the healthy skin and hair, zinc contributes to the preservation of the normal condition of the nails, and also plays role in cell division, protein synthesis and normal metabolism of vitamin A.  


Copper contributes to the  normal pigmentation of hair and skin. 

Amino acids (e.g. methionine, cystine) are the base of proteins. Vitamin B1 and vitamin B6 contribute to a balanced functioning of the nervous system. 





Kiszerelési egység
183 mg × 60 pcs
Protection of healthy skin, hair and nails
Main ingredients
peonyroot, angelica extract, L-metionin, L-cistin