Heart Meridian capsule - 30pcs

Heart meridian capsule
Heart Meridian capsule - 30pcs
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Cardiac meridian capsule 

Hawthorn fruit extract supports to maintain the health of heart and circulatory system. 


Rose root is a Tibetean herb, contributes to the normal functioning of circulatory system, providing cells with oxygen and nutrient, for maintaing mental and physical health, and as an antioxidant, protect cells from harmful oxidative processes.


Consumption of garlic, has a favorable effect on the health of heart and circulatory system. Is also contributes to maintain the health of respiratory system, and also to maintain the microbiological balance of intestinal tract.  


Selenium contributes to the normal functioning of immune system, protecting cells from oxidative stress. 


According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), we can contribute to the prevention of heart diseases by following certian rules of healthy lifestyle,  begin with nutrition. 


Consuming fish has a beneficial effect on the condition of heart and circulatory system, thus foods, which are low in calorie and fat, but rich in unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids, are very important. It is recommended to avoid consuming salt, sugar, trans fatty acids  (margarine, fried foods), and reusable oil. TCM recommends to consume red fruits  for supporting heart: such as pomegranate, hawthorn, jujube, jelly ear fungus, momordica charantia (bitter melon), lotus seed, grape and high-flavonid content fruit. 


Daily exercise is very important, specifically sports, which require low effort and persistance. For preventing heart diseases, best exerise is walking  (at least 45 minutes per day), or swimming. Foot is an important oxygen-absorbing area for the heart. Do not force yourself, especially in summer: according to a Chinese saying: " Sweat takes moisture away form the heart. "


Avoid smoke, and bad quality air. Based on our biological hour from 11am to 1pm is the most important period for cardiac meridian. It is recommended to take a rest for 30 minutes, thus contributing to preserve the health of the heart. 











Kiszerelési egység
400 mg x 30 pcs
Supporting the health of heart and circulatory system
Main ingredients
selenium, pomegranate extract, allicin, hawthorn fruit extract, peony root extract