Pre- Melatonin Ashwagandha capsules

Pre- Melatonin Ashwagandha capsules
Pre- Melatonin Ashwagandha capsules
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For easy sleep

Food supplement containing tryptophan and ashwagandha

Quality sleep is essential for the basic functioning of our body, for balancing the processes that take place in us, and for supporting physical and mental health. To this is added the dream berry, which aims to make falling asleep easier.


Tryptophan (pre-melatonin) is an essential amino acid that is essential for the production of many compounds in the body. Among other things, it synthesizes serotonin, from which it produces melatonin, which is needed for natural sleep. The dream berry supports to fall asleep, helps the body manage stress. Rose root supports adaptation to emotional stress and physical exertion, overcoming sleep difficulties.

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413 mg × 30 pcs
For easy sleep
Main ingredients
rose root extract, L-tryptophan, ashwagandha extract, ashwagandha grist