Probikum 7 Forte capsule

Probikum 7 Forte capsule
Probikum 7 Forte capsule
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A product containing useful bacteria and inulin. Inulin is a natural water-soluble fiber, which reaches the colon undigested. The imbalance of the intestinal flora usually is due to the change of more than one bacterial strain. In such case, a product containing several strains proves more successful. The Probikum 7 Forte capsule contains all the commonly used beneficial bacteria which occur in the intestinal flora.

With the combined application of 7 types of beneficial bacteria and inulin, we proceed on two tracks toward one goal, the balanced intestinal flora. The application of Probikum is recommended after antibiotic treatment and intestinal infection, to restore the disturbed microbial balance (the ratio of beneficial and harmful bacteria).

Recommended: daily 2 × 1, or if needed 2 × 2 capsules, with plenty of water, before breakfast and after dinner. It can be also used over an extended period of time.


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500 mg x 60 pcs
A special formula to restore the normal intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment and infection of the intestinal tract
Main ingredients
Inulin, Lactobacillus