Q10 + Omega-3 capsule with vitamin E - 40pcs

 Q10 + Omega-3 capsule with vitamin E
Q10 + Omega-3 capsule with vitamin E - 40pcs
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Q10 has an important role in the energy generating process in the cells, supports normal blood pressure and helps maintaining the health of the heart. It is an efficient anti-oxidant, together with vitamin E they contribute to impeding harmful oxidative processes, protection against harmful free radicals and this way they reduce ageing processes. Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E are lipophil (fat soluble) substances, so they are combined with fish oil which is a source of multiply unsaturated fatty acids, so it contributes to healthy functioning of the circulatory system and reduces blood cholesterol level. EPA and DHA (multi-unsaturated) omega-3 fatty acids reduce triglyceride level of the blood.

Suggested daily usage: 2 × 1 capsule

Kiszerelési egység
680 mg × 40 pcs
For proper functioning of the heart
Main ingredients
Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, EPA, DHA, vitamin E