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Hair Revall tonic 100ml

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HairRevall Spray
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100 ml
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Ginseng is the root of life – it feeds the root of the hair

The application of Hair Revall Tonic Lotion Spray complements well your everyday hair-care. Its combination of active ingredients include traditional herbs, amino acids (methionine, cystine), vitamins and zinc, which are needed for the structure of the hair. This combination directly stimulates the blood circulation of head skin, and normalizes scalp fat. In case of men who have hormonal problems, and who lose their hair because of a fatty scalp, and in the case of women with hair problems due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy and childbirth, the care of the hair and the scalp is especially important. Due to its content of ingredients, Hair Revall Tonic tonifies the scalp and improves the blood supply of hair follicles. For better efficiency, use it together with Hair Revall tea and capsule.

Use it 2-3 times a day. After spreading the spray on the scalp, massage it into the skin, thus contributing to its absorption.

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