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Ginseng Cream - 100ml

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Ginseng Cream
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100 ml
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Softening and nourishing cream for extremely dry areas (heel, elbow, hand, leg)

A softening and regenerating product with ginseng, royal jelly and vitamin E. Due to its active ingredients, it effectively nourishes dry skin. Its regular use prevents the development of unpleasant foot calluses, the drying out of the elbow, the hand and the leg. The cream is rapidly absorbed, and you can almost immediately notice its skin softening effect, as it makes the skin silky and velvety soften.

Suggestion of use: Put a thin layer of the cream on the dry, cracked skin, even several times a day. Using it after bath, the absorption and regenerative effect is greater. With stronger use on the areas where skin dryness is more common, e.g. elbows, hands, legs, heels.

For external use only!

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