Rheunol cream - 70ml

Rheunol cream
Rheunol cream - 70ml
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In case of muscle soreness, muscle fatigue and muscle overload after excercise

The cream contains a number of herbs such as angelica, saffron flower, nettle and common holly extracts, whose active ingredients can be used to refresh muscles, limbs, massage the knees, ankles, shoulders and waist. It can be used either for acupressure massage or as a complement to physiotherapy treatments. The extracts of angelica root and saffron flower refresh the tissues and have a beneficial effect on tissue metabolism. Nettle extract can be used for muscle regeneration. 
The cream can also be used in cases of muscle aches, muscle fatigue and muscle overload, as well as after sports. Camphor and clove oil cause a mild localised blood distention, thus improving the metabolism of the skin tissue. Menthol provides a cooling, soothing sensation on the skin surface.

Directions for use: Apply a thin layer of the cream to the problem area.
For external use only.

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70 ml
To refresh the muscles around the waist, shoulders, ankles and knees