TCM - respiratory aromatherapy pillow

TCM - respiratory aromatherapy pillow
TCM - respiratory aromatherapy pillow
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Herbs: Agastache (Herba Agastachis), Atractylodes rootstock (Rhizoma Atractylodis), Eucalyptus, Angelica dahurica root, Hemp (Herba Eupatorii).


The respiratory pad is an approx. 9 cm high and 8 cm long, small bag with velvet shine decorated with original Chinese motifs. Its material is ideal for mixing the essential oils of the herbs in it with the right amount by mixing them with the room air, so that they exert their effect through the meridians during inhalation. The use of herbs in the pillow in this way is recommended by Traditional Chinese Medicine to maintain the health of the knees for preventive purposes. The use of the mixture has an aromatherapeutic effect, refreshing the airways and room air.


Usage: It is advisable to place it around the chest on our clothes, stored in the top pocket of outerwear, placed in our home, especially next to the pillow, attached to the headrest of the bed, and it is also advisable to use it in cars and offices. Twice a day (10 times in the morning, 10 times in the afternoon), slowly inhale deep into the aromatherapy pillow.


Warning: Use in pregnant mothers is not recommended. Do not use in case of allergic sensitivity to the above herbs! The aromatherapy pillow can only be used externally!

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