Ginseng Royal Jelly Soft Gelatine Capsule

Gin Ro Jel SoGel amp
Ginseng Royal Jelly Soft Gelatine Capsule
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Active agents of Panax ginseng help vitality of the body and smooth mental functioning. They support normal blood circulation which may correlate with mental activity and performance. Royal jelly is a complex and highly nutritious substance produced by bees and it is a valuable protein and amino acid source. The queen bee lives much longer than worker bees, because she is fed with royal jelly. Nowadays royal jelly is known all around the world and its use is extending in medicine, too. Royal jelly contains great amounts of protein, several kinds of amino acids, vitamins, etser, carbo-hydrates and acetylcholine.

Suggested daily dosage: 1 capsule befor meal

Kiszerelési egység
10 × 10 ml
for mental and physical freshness
Main ingredients
panax ginseng, royal jelly