NEW Fresh Active Ginseng root

Fresh Active Ginseng root

NEW Fresh Active Ginseng root

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Herb "the root of life"

Ginseng root has been used in the Far East for 5,000 years as a wonderful herbal elixir. It is barely found in the wild, so it has been grown for more than 400 years. It grows only in special climatic conditions, only in the shade, under straw roofs, it cannot tolerate fertilizers and insecticides. Ginseng can be taken at the age of 6-7 years, it removes all valuable elements and nutrients from the soil, so after harvesting the land must be rested for at least ten years. This active ginseng root has been processed with special technology to preserve its original active ingredients.
Panax ginseng root supports the body’s natural defense system. It helps maintain endurance, helps relieve fatigue, stress and recovery. Supports physical and mental capacity in case of exhaustion, fatigue. It supports memory and vitality as well as normal blood circulation, which is related to brain performance.

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Herb "the root of life"