Pollen Ginseng Royal Jelly ampoules

Poln Gin Rl Jel amp
Pollen Ginseng Royal Jelly ampoules
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One cornerstone of the Eastern medicine, ginseng and royal jelly which is rich in vitamins are combined in this product.
Far eastern traditional medicine mentions ginseng, „the root of life” at a noble place which assists the preservation of the physical and mental condition, as well as the support of the immune system (according to the EFSA statements of the European Authorities). The vitamin content of royal jelly is outstanding, it contains natural vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, E, pantothenic acid and folic acid. The consumption is recommended in the recovery phase after a long illness, for active sportsmen, during an exam period, but also for promotion of your health.

It is suggested to drink 1 ampoule daily on an empty stomach, diluted with at least 100 ml liquid. 

Kiszerelési egység
10 x 10 ml
Termék összetevő
for physical and mental activity
Root of the life and a natural vitamin bomb together
Main ingredients
honey, water, pollen, royal jelly, aqueous extract of Panax ginseng root