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Virgin Tea Vita effervescent tablet

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Virgin Tea Vita effervescent tablet
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4 g x 20 tabletta
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A fiber-rich pineapple-flavored dietary supplement without aded sugar, with sweetener.

A pleasant fiber-rich beverage with pineapple flavor, recommended for a variety of dieters (cholesterol, weight loss, diabetes). The product may be also helpful for those struggling with a torturing feeling of hunger during their weight loss diet, or need vitamin supplements, as besides the precious glucomannan fiber it contains 8 types of vitamins, which cover the double of an adult’s daily vitamin needs. The glucomannan as a natural fiber helps to lower blood cholesterol level, and contributes to the successful weight reduction. Due to its excellent ability to swell, it favorably reduces the appetite, thus its application is recommended together with a great fluid intake.

Suggested use: put 1 tablet in 2-3 dl of water and wait approximately 2 minutes to dissolve. Since the drink has a high fiber content, it has a positive effect on the appetite.

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