Beauty Slim Collagen Drink - 30pcs

Beauty Slim  Drink
Beauty Slim Collagen Drink - 30pcs
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The drinking powder contains fibers of phytogenic origin with a good swelling ability which support the success of a slimming diet. Glucomannan (konjac-mannan) contributes to the weight reduction within the frames of a low-energy diet. Beta-glucan originating from oat and barley contributes to the reduction of the blood glucose level after your meal. Beta-glucans help maintain the normal cholesterol level in blood. The rye fiber supports the proper laxation. Chrome participates in maintaining the normal blood glucose level and in metabolism of macro-nutrients. 

Ingredients: beta-glucan (originating from oat, barley and rye), glucomannan fiber, pineapple fruit extract, acai fruit extract, collagen, chrome-picolinate.

Active ingredients for daily 2 bags: beta-glucan: 4 g, glucomannan: 3 g, collagen: 400 mg, chrome: 80µg (NRV 200%), rye fiber: 1,32 g. NRV = Nutrient Reference Values

Dosage: Daily 2 bags of drinking powder mixed with water, other liquid or yogurt.

Suggested preparation: Mix the drinking powder with 200-300 ml lukewarm liquid and consume it.
Because of the fibers it is important to drink enough liquid. It has a positive effect on the appetite if drunk before meals, because the consumed amount of food can be reduced.


License (OÉTI) Nr.: 13733/2013


Caution! Keep out of the reach of children! Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage! The food supplement does not substitute the balanced mixed diet and the healthy lifestyle! You should water the drinking powder with glucomannan with lots of liquid, it has to be avoided that it gets stuck in the esophagus. People with swallowing problems should be careful with the consumption. The positive effect of beta-glucan originating from rye and barley can be granted by a daily intake of 3 grams.



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5 g x 30 pcs
with natural fibers for a successful diet
Main ingredients
beta-glucan, glucomannan, collagen, chromium