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Dried hawthorn slices

Without added sugar


Gentle drying preserves the fruit's bright colour and valuable nutrients. The hawthorn fruit is a highly valued herb in the Far East and Europe. Its beneficial effects on the circulatory system have been recognised by European scientific forums. Its use in the Far East for the health of the circulatory and digestive systems dates back a long time, and in China it is mainly recommended after eating fatty foods. Its pleasantly acidic flavour can be used to enhance many drinks and dishes.


Suggested use:

As a tea: boil a few pieces of dried hawthorn slices either on their own or added to other herbs and teas. The decoction and the fruit can also be eaten.

For compotes, soups: add a few grains of the fruit during cooking.

To add to vegetable or meat dishes: add a few grains to taste at least half an hour before the end of cooking, to soften the food sufficiently.

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80 g
Without added sugar
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Szárított galagonya gyümölcs szeletek

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Összetevők: galagonya gyümölcs (Crataegus pinnatifida)

Minőségét megőrzi: 25.01.2024

Tárolás: száraz, hűvös, közvetlen fénytől védett helyen.

Forgalmazza: Oriental Herbs Kft., 1106 Budapest, Keresztúri út 176-178.

Átlagos tápértékek (100 g termékben):

Energia: 152 kJ / 35,9 kcal; Zsír: <0,58 g; telített zsírsavak: <0,1 g; Szénhidrát: 8,8 g; cukrok: 2,1 g; Fehérje: 0,1 g; Só: 0 g.


Nettó tömeg: 80 g

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