Virgin Tea capsule - 80 pcs

Virgin Tea capsule
Virgin Tea capsule - 80 pcs
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In order weight loss does not result in adverse consequences, a gradual and thorough detoxification is necessary. The polyphenols found in the Virgin Tea herbal blends help to protect cells against free radicals – which damage the structure of the cell wall and are responsible for the processes of oxidation and aging – and ensure a gradual slimming without a sudden exhaustion of the body’s energy reserves. Apart from its extremely beneficial antioxidant effects, scientific research demonstrates their positive effect in cleaning the body. Polyphenols promote digestion, which affects the condition and beauty of skin, because the normal course of digestion also provides for the outlet of toxins. Several grateful grateful customer’s letters attest our commitment to healthy lifestyle as well as to the promotion of the methods of traditional medicine and medicinal plants

Virgin Tea is available both in filters and capsules. You can use them both separately and together, complementing each other.

Suggested daily dosage: because of the MULTIPLE INGREDIENT CONTENT 1 capsule is enough for a day! 

Kiszerelési egység
500 mg × 80 db
Natural support for dieting
Main ingredients
EGCG, white mulberry leaf extract, capsaicin