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Virgin Tea CLA MAX capsule with CLA and L-carnitine - 40pcs

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Virgin tea + CLA MAX capsule
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1390 mg x 40 db
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By constantly keeping up with scientific progress, we have recently developed the VIRGIN TEA MAX CLA softgel capsule, in which we have combined the well-known beneficial effects of Virgin Tea with CLA and L-carnitine. According to the holistic approach of TCM, the MAX CLA has a complete effect in combination with other agents.

• CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acids. It can help to reduce the accumulation of fat in tissues.

• L-carnitine is an amino acid derivative produced by the human body, which is involved in the conversion of fats into energy. It can promote proper muscle functioning.

• Calcium pyruvate is involved in the cellular energy production processes.

Suggested daily dosage: 2 × 1 capsule taken with plenty of water (before breakfast and after supper).

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