Bone-Max Calcium tablet - 40pcs

Bone-Max Calcium tablet

Bone-Max Calcium tablet - 40pcs

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• A complex composition in the interest of the health of the bones
• With coral calcium of marine origin, for a better utilization
• With Vitamin D3 which helps the incorporation of calcium

A carefully developed dietary supplement with natural materials of marine origin, necessary to the health of the scheletal system. Coral calcium and magnesium are needed for the normal bone and teeth structure, as well as for the proper functioning of muscles. Nettle helps to maintain the proper functioning of joints. Manganese and zinc are important dietary minerals in maintaining the health of bones. Vitamin D is necessary for a better absorption of calcium and its incorporation into the bones. Vitamin K is involved in the formation of healthy bones.

Suggested daily dosage: 1 tablet.


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1250 mg x 40 db
Feed your bones daily with coral calcium