Kidney Meridian Liuweidihuang soft gelatine capsule - 30pcs

Kidney Meridian soft gelatine capsule
Kidney Meridian Liuweidihuang soft gelatine capsule - 30pcs
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A receive composed on the basis of the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has a beneficient effect on kidney meridians, and promotes the healthy function of the kidneys.

An effective product containing herbal components and vitamines for a healthy kidney. Peony tree root, Japanese dogwood fruit, Chinese yam root, and Rehmannia root are frequently used herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nettle root is also a well known herb in Europe, its consumption can contribute to the helthy function of the kidneys. Folic acid is essential for healthy cell division. It is involved in hematopoiesis, and contributes to a balanced functioning of the nervous system, as well as to a healthy immune system.

Dosage: 3 × 1 capsules daily, taken with plenty of water.

Kiszerelési egység
600 mg x 30 pcs
To keep kidney healthy with herbs and vitamins
Main ingredients
Vitamin B6; folic acid; nettle root extract; peony root extract