Virgin Tea Super CLA

Virgin Tea Super CLA
Virgin Tea Super CLA
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One key element of self-confidence and success is to feel good in your body. An important part of this is to achieve and to maintain a normal weight.

When creating this product we used ingredients which support the success of the diet in different ways. The cactus extract helps the sugar and fat metabolism and by this the weight control. CLA (conjugated linoleic acids) are naturally occuring fatty acids which are popular among people being on a diet. Chitosan can contribute to maintenance of proper cholesterol level. White kidney bean fosters normal sugar metabolism and the weight control by delaying the carbonhydrate absorption. Calcium pyruvate, as a good utilized form of pyruvic acid plays a role in sugar and protein metabolism on cellular level. As widely known, polyphenols and EGCG, the active ingredients of green tea (virgin tea) support optimal weight and by this the external-internal harmon

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1555 mg x 60 pcs
Cactus extract for an effective slimming diet
Main ingredients
CLA, chitosan, cactus extract, white kidney bean extract