XtraMen GOJI plus MACA capsule

XtraMen GOJI plus MACA capsule
XtraMen GOJI plus MACA capsule
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In our rushing world, we have less and less time for ourselves,

to each other and our relationships. There might be many reasons why the man is tired and incapable of performing. According to traditional Chinese medicine, in these times we have to activate our backup energy and concentrate in a natural way: the agents of 6 herbs help recharge the man's energy in 6 different ways. Golden root (Rhodiola rosea) is a herb originated in Tibet and grows in the mountains at 4500m. It improves mental and physical performance, helps circulation, supplies the cells with oxygen and nutriment, and protects the cells as antioxidant against radicals. Maca is originated from South America and grows in mountains at 4000m. Its main agent in glucosinolate which helps the balanced functioning of the middle-aged men's endocrine system. Panax ginseng -the root of life- has been used in the Far East for 5000 years, and now it's also known in Europe. It helps maintaining mental and physical fitness. Ginkgo bilboa (maindenhair tree) is an ancient species of tree. Its flavonoid contribute to the normal functioning of the circulatory system, to the adequate blood flow and therefore to the proper oxygen and nutriment supply of cells. Saw palmetto (serona repens) helps maintaining the healthy functioning of the prostate. Lycopene is a bright red carotene, one of the most important phytochemicals of tomatoes. Due to its antioxidant quality, it helps to inhibit the harmful oxidative processes occurring in our body and contributes to the healthy functioning of the prostate. Registered trademark roll number: 5992/2009.

Suggested daily usage: 1 pill

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401 mg x 20 pcs
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Main ingredients
MACA extract, goji berry, dwarf palm fruit