Lung Meridian capsule - 30pcs

Lung meridian capsule
Lung Meridian capsule - 30pcs
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Echinacea purpurea ( purple coneflower) helps to function the body's natural defense system, maintaing the health of the upper respiratory tracts . 

Arctium lappa ( burdock) protects the resistence of the body, contributes to the health of the upper respiratory system. 

Ginger helps to maintain the health of the respiratory system. 

Taraxacum officinale ( dandelion) and wild garlic, as an antioxidant support our cells, thereby it protects our body against harmful effects. 

Illicum verum soothes throat, peppermint has a favorbale effect on the immunesystem. Garlic contributes to maintain the health of respiratory system. 


Human being is also the part of the nature, therefore we must to follow the principle, such as accumulating vitality. According to TCM in this period of time, yang energy is pulled back into the body, for this  in order to maintain our health we need to provide enough heat and life-giving energy for our body. Early sleep raises the level of yang energy, and has a main role to keep the body warm.  


According to TCM, hay fever is the consequence of warm windy effects, which attacks lung, so doctor helps to free lung's qi from warm windy effects, basically with the help of acupuncture.  Another important aspect for general strenghtening of immune system,  to make it easier for the body to fight against allergens. Consuming ginger tea frequently, which stimulates the meridians of the upper respiratory tracts, activating protection; inhalation of tea,which includes echinacea, ginger-, aloe vera és grape seed extract or applying calcium, which is applied in western medication too. 







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410 mg x 30 pcs
To protect respiratory system and upper respiratory tract with herbs
Main ingredients
Echinacea purpurea extract, grapefruit seed and peel extract, ginger extract