1X Daily Family, Ginkgo+Galagonya capsule - 30pcs

1X Daily Family, Ginkgo+Galagonya capsule
1X Daily Family, Ginkgo+Galagonya capsule - 30pcs
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For proper brain activity or the state of memory, temperature of limbs, absorption of nutrients are also related to the state of circulatory system.
Ginko flavonoids contribute to the normal circulatory system, to the proper supply of blood and oxygen to cells and tissues,
which can correlate to the mental performance and the operation of memory.
The active ingredients of hawthorn contribute to maintin normal blood circulation and blood pressure, support healthy heart function, and also help with
healthy digestion.
Vitamin C support healthy functioning of immune system, contribute the protection against oxidative stess. In addition, it contributes the formation of normal collagen,
thereby maintaining the normal state of blood vessels.
Vitamin C content of the capsule covers the recommended daily ammount.

Kiszerelési egység
450 mg x 30 db
For circulatory health
Main ingredients
hawthorn fruit extract, Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, Vitamin C