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Acai berry Maxxlim capsule - 60pcs

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Acai berry Maxxlim capsule
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450 mg x 60 db
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Aiming an attractive appearance with the huge power of a tiny fruit

Supporting a successful slimming diet

Prepared on the basis of holistic view this product contains 5 active agents (fruit concentrates, herb extracts, L-carnitine and chrome) which can contribute to the success of a weight reducing diet if its consumption is combined with regular exercises.
The concentrated extract of ACAI tropical berry prepared from a fruit amount of 20 times contains valueable polyphenols.
HCA (hydroxy citric acid), the main active ingredient of Garcinai Cambogia, a fruit of India promotes the transformation of fat into energy and so it can support a weight reducing diet.
Some polyphenol agents of standardized green tea extract, like EGCG possess antioxidant effect and add to the neutralisation of free radicals that impair the body.

L-carnitine is a natural amino acid derivative, its intake can be useful for everybody who consumes a lot of energy, for active sportsmen, for physical workers plus it can complement the slimming diet.

Chrome contributes to the maintenance of the normal blood sugar level and takes part in metabolism of macronutrients.
Daily 2x1 capsule, swallowed with lots of liquid

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