Turmeric Collagen Forte Capsules

Turmeric Collagen Forte Capsules
Turmeric Collagen Forte Capsules
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Turmeric Collagen Forte Capsule


Turmeric is one of the most famous gem of Indian gastronomy, its popularity is unbroken due to its beneficial psychological effect. It contributes to maintaining the health of liver and an appropriate circulatory system. 

It also helps to maintain the healthy function of joints and the health of the skin. 

Collagen is an important component of structural protein in cartilage, skin and connective tissue.

For beautiful skin and healthy joints - according to TCM standpoint - quality, relaxing sleep is important, which by the health of the liver meridian is maintainable. 

For the sake of a good sleep, from 11pm to 3am, is the best period for sleeping, with which it contributes to the cleansing function of the liver.  



Kiszerelési egység
445 mg x 60 db
For the integrity of the joints, for a healthy digestion and for the elasticity of the skin
Main ingredients
turmeric, citrus bioflavonid, collagen, hyaluron acid