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Szelén Q10 Kalcium + Magnesium + Zink tablet - 30pcs

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 Q10 Kalcium  Magnesium  Zink tablet
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1520 mg x 30 db
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Everyday’s support for intellectual workers

Managers and intellectual workers spend much time in enclosed spaces, in offices and they do little exercise. In such a lifestyle the oxidative processes of the cells accelerate. Many managers suffer from the lack of selenium whose replacement is in its natural form the most effective.
The combination of the organic compounds of selenium, calcium, magnesium and zinc is complemented with 20 mgs of coenzyme Q10 ensuring the energy and the efficient usage in the body.
Organic selenium originates from yeast for a better utilization. Selenium is important for the health of hair, skin and nails, for the protection of the cells against oxidative stress and for the normal function of the immune system.
Zinc is for the maintenance of normal mental function. 
Organic magnesium lactate (531 mgs/ tablet) supports the nervous system, preserves the normal psychological function and reduces fatigue. The lactate compound is the best form for the body to utilize.  
Beside magnesium, calcium keeps up the normal state of muscles, bones and teeth.

Dosage: 1 x 1 tablet daily, swallowed with lots of liquid 

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