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Kolestar 800 film-coated tablets - 60pcs

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Kolestar 800 film-coated tablets
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930 mg x 60 db
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With herbal sterols to maintain the cholesterol level

With the recommended daily dose of the product (1 × 1 tablet) 800 mg of herbal sterol intake can be realized. We can achieve a better efficiency by taking 2 × 1 tablets daily. The normal cholesterol level is an important factor in maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system.

The natural herbal sterols contribute to maintain the normal blood cholesterol level. It is clinically proven that they reduce the blood cholesterol level.

For the blood cholesterol level it is beneficial to include a large amount of vegetables and fruit, to maintain the carotine level. It is recommended to avoid the late dinner, made from hard-to-digest foods.

A balanced diet, which also includes herbal sterols, plays a role in maintaining the healthy blood cholesterol level, and thus supports the health of the cardiovascular system.

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