GreenTea Prebicum capsule - 60pcs

GreenTea Prebicum capsule
GreenTea Prebicum capsule - 60pcs
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Thanks to its valuable polyphenol (katechins, EGCG) green tea helps to neutralize harmful radicals, which damage the body, thus support immune system. Due to the active ingredient of EGCG it supports weight control, and the effectiveness of a weight loss diet, through its effect on fat metabolism and fat oxidation. It has a beneficial impact on the health of cardiovascular system, and promotes mental performance and concentration. 

Inulin is a water-soluble natural plant fiber. 





Kiszerelési egység
500 mg x 60 db
With green tea extract, inulin and high polyphenol content
Main ingredients
greentea polifenol, katechinek, inulin