Pomegranate Forte kapsule - 60pcs

Pomegranate Forte kapsule
Pomegranate Forte kapsule - 60pcs
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For the health of the vessel system with rose root and sage


Pomegranate owes to its ruby color for its rich flavonoid content. Its extract contains valuable polyphenols in high concentration, which is easy for the body to use. 


Rose root is a Tibetean herb, is regularly consumed and served by those who living in high places, it contributes to the normal functioning of circulatory system, to good mental and physical health, and as an antioxidant, it protects cells against harmful oxidative processes too. 


Red-rooted sage contributes to maintain healthy vascular system, and promotes helathy blood pressure. 




Kiszerelési egység
470 mg x 60 db
For the health of vascular system
Main ingredients
pomegranate fruit standardised extract, polyphenols, rose root standardised extract, red-root sage root extract