Psyllium seed husks extract - 90pcs

Psyllium seed
Psyllium seed husks extract - 90pcs
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Weight control in a natural way!


The psyllium seed husks help to maintain healthy bowel function and facilitate bowel movement.


Disease in which malnutrition and lifestyle factors play a role are more common worldwide. 

Vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber are also important maintaining health. 


Consumption of fibers helps to remove waste products from the intestinal tract, which is why it is called "bowel broom". Fiber also plays an important role in energy -poor diets and weight-loss diets, because it slows down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, thus helping to avoid fluctuation in blood glucose level. Further beneficial impact is that they absorb water in the stomach with proper fluid intake. As a result, they enhance the feeling of fullness without adding extra calories. 




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450 mg × 90 pcs
For the healthy gut function