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Bone Muscle Complex tablet
Bone Muscle Complex tablet - 30pcs

Bone Muscle Complex tablet - 30pcs

Complex product for the normal functioning of the bones, teeth and muscle function. 

Calcium is necessary for the maintenance of bones and teeth. Vitamin D3 contributes to the absorption of calcium. Vitamin K2 is onvolved in the maintenance of bones, magnesium, calcium and D3 are for the bones and teeth. Magnesium, calcium and vitamin D3 help to support muscle function.







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30×103,4 mg
Bone and muscle support
Main ingredients
Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, magnesium, calcium
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Bone Muscle Complex tablet

K2 + D3 + Ca + Mg

The bone and muscle support

food supplement


30pcs            Net weight: 31,02 g

Ingredients: calcium carbonate, magnesium citrate, Magnesium salts of fatty acids (stabilizer), corn starch, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (thickener), polyethylene glycol (glazing agent), vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).


Active ingredients for daily 1 tablet

Vitamin K2

100 µg (133% NRV)

Vitamin D3

25 µg (500% NRV)


240 mg (30% NRV)


60 mg (16% NRV)


Dosage: daily 1 tablet swallowed with lots of liquid.

Best before: see on the package.

Storage: dry and cool place.

Distributer: Oriental Herbs Ltd., H-1106 Budapest, Keresztúri út 176-178.

OGYEI notification Nr: 18508/2017


Caution: Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage! Keep out of reach of children! The consumption of the product is not recommended for young children. The consumption of the product is not recommended with coumarin type anti-coagulation inhibitors together. The food supplements does not substitute the balanced mixed diet and healthy lifestyle.


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